Abuela's Luck Trailer

Written & Directed by: Ricky Rosario

Production Company: Fourwind Films

Executive Producers: Melissa Novas & Steven Novas

Produced by: Ricky Rosario, Gary Jaquez, Shakira Barrera

Director of Photography: Gary Jaquez

Starring: Manny Urena, Wilton Guzman, Manny Cabrero, Shakira Barrera, Melissa Novas

Original Score by: Steven Novas



It's Who You Know - Official Trailer

Directed & Produced by: Ricky Rosario

Written by: Craig Fishback

Executive Producers: Steven Vail & Gary Aksamit

Production Company: Fourwind Films

Starting: Craig Fishback, Cloris Leachman, Winter Dunn, Lee Bingham, Matthew Furfaro

Director of Photography: Matthew Hoodhood

Edited by: Tim Gagliardo

Co-Producer: Vinnie van Hinte

Associate Prod: David Ruano

Prod. Coord: Kalid Hussein

Blind Dating Sucks - MyRodeReel 2017

Directed by: Ricky Rosario

Written by: David Ruano

Starring: Justino Molinaro, Megan Nager, & AlexaFarneman

Sarah Is Not Her Name (Short Film)

Production Company: Fourwind Films

Directed by: Eduardo Rios

Starring: Christina Paterno, Marcel Simoneau

Produced by: Joe Mischo, Ricky Rosario

Director of Photography: Geoff Taylor